Public Health Competency Handbook

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Overview Download .pdf
Competency-Based Performance Management Download .pdf
1. Supervisor Preparation: Goal Setting Meeting Objectives
2. The Goal-Setting Meeting: Instructions for the Supervisor
3. Focus on Selected Subcompetencies
4. Establish Performance Goals
5. Develop a Personal Learning Plan
What’s the Difference Between the Goal-Setting
and Performance Appraisal Processes?
Supervisor and Employee Preparation for Appraisal Meeting
The Performance Appraisal Meeting
Managing Performance Management Download .pdf
Epilogue: Building Organizational Competency in the Pursuit
of the Essential Public Health Services
An Open Letter to Readers

Appendix 4-A— An Essential Public Health Services Charte
Appendix 4-B— Self-Assessment Instruments for Three Levels
in a Public Health Organization
Appendix 4-C— Personal Leaning Plan Form with Performance Goals Download .pdf

Supplemental Materials... • CDC-ATSDR Workforce Initiatives;
• Public Health Leadership Institutes (National, State and Regional);
• Centers for Public Health Preparedness;
• HRSA Public Health Training Centers;
• Distance Learning Resources

Where the Rubber
Meets the Road

An overview of competency-
based performance management.