Public Health Competency Handbook

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Competencies Download .pdf
Overview Download .pdf
How We Got Here
Changing Roles and Functions
Coming Full Circle . . . and Then Some Download .pdf
Primary Focus Is on Health
Focus: The Preferred Future
Focus: Population Health
Primary Strategy Is Prevention
Strategy: Utilizing Assets and Opportunities
Strategy: Proactive Planning
Guiding Principle: Systems/Community
Guiding Principle: Partnership and Collaboration
Guiding Principle: Empowerment
Public Health in Transition
Essential Public Health Services
Organizational Systems Matrix
Community Engagement Matrix
Benchmarking Best Practices Download .pdf
Essential Public Health Services: A Real-time Example
How Would You Describe a High-Performing Public Health Organization?
Notes and Considerations: A Reality Check
Current Work Expectations and the Changing Public Health System
How Are Competencies Related to Performance?
Relating Organizational Competency Areas to the
.   Essential Public Health Services Download .pdf
A Real Fantasy?
Journey with a Roadmap Download .pdf
Appendix 1-A — How Did We Get Here?: The Applied Research – Study Study Instrument (1995-96)
Appendix 1-B — Proactive Organizational Change: Assessing Critical Success Factors
Appendix 1-C — Abridged Draft Local Public System Performance Standards
Appendix 1-D — Healthy People 2010: Public Health Infrastructure Objectives

Supplemental Materials...
• Public Health in America;
• Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP);
• National Public Health Performance Standards Program (NPHPSP) and Partners

Why This?
Why Now?

A discussion of the forces affecting public health today, why and how the competencies were identified, and the reasons why organizational competencies are critical to public health system performance.