Where Do I Fit?

Your Personal Systems Map Can Help You Find Out!

The Personal Systems Map is a low-tech tool kit that produces a high-tech product: a visual way to map out the complex public health work environment in which employees operate. The Systems Map was designed to be used with individuals at all levels of a public health organization, across all programs and practice settings. It is a way to help employees capture unique perceptions of where they fit in the system and how their contributions are essential to overall agency performance as part of the larger public health system.

The Personal Systems Map tool is presented in a 2-sided, full-color 12" x 18" glossy finish format. It folds into a 9" x 6" full-color envelope which contains the variously colored and sized self-sticking circles which will form the pieces of the map. All instructions are presented simply and succinctly with relevant examples.

The results: no rights, no wrongs, just a better understanding of what an employee’s work system looks like, the relationships needed to get the job done, insights into how to improve job performance. The Personal Systems Map can be a work in progress; a tool for learning; a description in time of employee action and system relationships, which can serve as a basis for sharing and discussion with peers and supervisors.

Use with clerical staff, front line workers, supervisors, senior management, health officer. Share within and across programs and levels. Complement your organization’s understanding of “system”— whether in terms of workgroup, program, agency or public health system.

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